Saturday, September 11, 2004

More Questions About CBS

Several more stories have surfaced that discredit the CBS news story about Bush's National Guard service. First, the man that supposedly applied pressure to "sugercoat" Bush's guard service retired over a year before he is proported to have applied the pressure. Read about that here.

Additionally, another man interviewed by CBS in the piece claims he was misled. Here is that story.

CBS says that it will not back down from the story until there is definitive proof that the facts were wrong. Here's my problem with the whole thing. Its CBS's job to be an objective news organization. Their story may or may not be correct, but its their job to report that there is conflicting evidence. There are hundreds of pieces of conflicting evidence in this story. CBS wanted so badly to slam Bush that they ran with a story that is somewhat shakey and failed to provide the other side of the story. CBS has lost all credibility as a reliable and objective news source.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Muslims Apologize

A group called has apologized for 9-11 and the other recent attacks that have happened in the name of Islam. Finally, Muslim leaders are taking responsibility for the horrors being perpurtrated by members of their faith. This is an excellent sign, and I applaud this group whole-heartedly. Read their letter of apology here.

Atlanta Brave Furcal Gets Another DUI

Stop drinking and driving Raffie! Here's the story.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Another Poll and Its All Bush

Here another poll demonstrating Bush's lead.

The Truth About Bush's Guard Service

Here is a great article that lays out the facts of Bush's National Guard Service.

New Bush Documents May Be Fake

This article casts serious doubt on the latest documents about Bush's military service. I bet that Kerry-lover made them himself.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Kerry's False Accusations Regarding Incentives and Outsourcing

Kerry, in his ads and his speeches, is saying that Bush's policies provide "tax incentives" for companies that outsource jobs overseas. This is patently false. The current tax code works like this: Companies, both international and domestic, pay taxes on revenues earned inside the United States. Money earned by those companies in OTHER countries is not taxed in America. And why should it be? It wasn't earned here and it was already taxed in the other country. Kerry says this is an INCENTIVE for companies to move jobs overseas. False. A lack of disincentive is not the same thing as an incentive.

Kerry's plan is to ad disincentives to these companies that outsource, not eliminate some tax loophole that exists presently. He would double tax the companies. Profits earned on foriegn soil would be taxed just like profits earned here. Additionally, the company would still have to pay the foriegn taxes.

Here are the negative reprocussions of the Kerry plan: Companies will incur higher costs. To combat the higher costs, prices will be raised. The consumer will be hurt both by having to pay a higher price and by having to forgo some purchases due to the higher price. The company will be hurt because the higher price will cause sales to drop. Additionally, any time a tax is put into place, a dead-weight loss is created whereby money in the economy is destroyed. Kerry's plan is terrible and would only hurt our country.

Bush's Guard Service

So the media has sensed Bush taking a lead and is running 24-7 coverage of Bush's Air National Guard Service. Sure, there's never been any proof that Bush went AWOL, but the accusations continue to fly. The military readily admits that their record keeping in the 1970's was poor at best. They did have better things to do, like fight a war. There is nothing uncommon about a few papers going missing from over thirty years ago.

Anyway, I'm not too worried about this. Gore tried to lay this rap on Bush four years ago and it didn't stick. I doubt it will stick this time. Plus, the Bush campaign, unlike the Kerry campaign, is not based around a few months thirty years ago. The reason the swift boat ads did damage is because Kerry's 'Nam service is seemingly his only credential to be President.

Good Blog

Check out Christie's cool blog, Type A.

Underground Cinema in France's Catacombs

This is pretty cool, especially if you believe in secret societies and the like. French officials have found a full on cinema, restraunt and bar in ancient hidden catacombs below the city. This is worth a read.

The Facts About Edwards's Two Americas

Here's another great article from It analyzes Edwards's claim that we are a country divided into two Americas. The whole point of Edwards's speech is that there is a class of the rich and a class of the poor, and without government intervention, the class of the poor will always remain poor. The problem: 86% of people in the lowest quintile of American wage earners were no longer at the bottom 9 years later. The poor HAVE opportunities to move up in wages and lifestyle in America, and they don't need the governments help to do it.

There are a lots of more great facts like that here.

Russia Finally Getting On Board

Russia has taken the same stance as President Bush, and has vowed to attack terrorist bases around the world. Maybe the tragedy there last week has woken them up. This is WWIII, and a lot of Europe needs to wake up and realize what's going on. Read more about Russia's new approach here.

More Evidence of France's Treachery

I urge you to read this article from the Washington Post. SO MANY detractors of the war in Iraq complain that the UN did not approve the war and the the US should have waited for greater international support. The problem with that logic is that the UN is corrupt and countries like France were supporting Saddam. This new article lays out the facts and clearly demonstrates that France was supplying weapons to Iraq until DAYS BEFORE the war started. France is not our friend, and evidence continues to mount that they may be our enemy. Additionally, Saddam owed France $4 Billion dollars for these underground arms deals, which adds to France's incentive to keep Saddam's evil regime alive.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Two Debates or Three?

With Bush now having an obvious advantage over Kerry, there is some talk that Bush may only allow two debates rather than the planned three. I don't like this move because I think it looks weak, but Clinton did this to Dole in 1996. In 1996, the media didn't make a peep. We'll see if there's a double standard if and when Bush does it.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Bin Laden Capture Forthcoming?

Counterterrorism officials feel that they are very close to capturing Osama Bin Laden and his top henchmen. This would be a tremedous boost to our country, the war on terror, and the President. Incidentally, I had an arguement with a good friend last night (who works for the Kerry campaign I'll have you know) who is of the opinion that we already have Bin Laden, and that Bush will bring him out a few weeks before the election. I don't buy into such conspiracies, but this will be a widely held belief among the left if Bin Laden is caught before the election. Read more here.

Movie Review: Open Water

"Open Water" is the story of a couple's struggle to survive when a scuba expedition leaves them behind alone in the ocean. When I saw the trailer, I couldn't help but wonder how the filmmakers could make a compelling feature length film about two people floating in the middle of the ocean. The filmmakers couldn't. While there are a few moments of fear and excitement, I spent most of the film waiting for it to be over. The acting is mediocre at best, and some of the ancillary characters are down right awful. The way the relationship evovles between the stranded couple is formulaic and predictable. Wait for video if you see this movie at all.


Polling Errors?

Some are speculating that the big Bush bounce seen in the Time and Newsweek polls are inaccurate. These naysayers suggest that the polls were unscientific and included too many Republicans in their samples. I have a hard time believing that two big publications would make the same mistake and get to similar outcomes, but we might not want to pop the cork on the champagne yet. Read more here.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

More Good News for Bush and Cheney

A Newsweek poll now has leading 53% to 41% over challenger John Kerry. Read more here.
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