Saturday, September 11, 2004

More Questions About CBS

Several more stories have surfaced that discredit the CBS news story about Bush's National Guard service. First, the man that supposedly applied pressure to "sugercoat" Bush's guard service retired over a year before he is proported to have applied the pressure. Read about that here.

Additionally, another man interviewed by CBS in the piece claims he was misled. Here is that story.

CBS says that it will not back down from the story until there is definitive proof that the facts were wrong. Here's my problem with the whole thing. Its CBS's job to be an objective news organization. Their story may or may not be correct, but its their job to report that there is conflicting evidence. There are hundreds of pieces of conflicting evidence in this story. CBS wanted so badly to slam Bush that they ran with a story that is somewhat shakey and failed to provide the other side of the story. CBS has lost all credibility as a reliable and objective news source.


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