Friday, October 14, 2005

Kerry In Cali

John Kerry has been going around California the last few days campaigning against the Governator's proposed state constitutional ammendments. I would love to understand how, as an elected official of Taxachussets, he has ANY business butting his nose into the affairs of California. Mr. Kerry, if the people of this country wanted you to have any mandate outside of your state, they would have elected you president. Go back to Boston. There are some Red Sox fans that need consoling.

Bush's Poll Numbers

From Boortz:

We've seen the headline over and over that George Bush's poll numbers are now lower than they've ever been. By these reports, you would think such low poll numbers were unprecedented. Bush, who once enjoyed high poll numbers, has hit rock bottom of late. Blame for Katrina, Iraq, gas prices and on and on. An average of his approval rating among various polls is about 40%. Low? Yes. Unprecedented? Hardly. Let's look at the lowest approval rating of previous presidents:

Bush Sr.29%
LBJ 35%
Clinton 37%
Reagan 35%
Nixon 24%
Ford 37%
Carter 28%

Well, at an average 40% approval rating low, it looks like George W. Bush has bested the lowest approval rating of his predecessors. Besides, who cares about Bush's approval rating? He's a lame's not like he's going to ever be running for office again.
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