Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Air America is a Joke

Admittedly, I listen to Air America radio occasionally. It is actually quite funny. These crazies, especially Janeane Garofalo, rant and rave while using few facts and offering no solutions. I've probably listened to 20 hours of this crap over the course of the last year and I have yet to hear a single host offer ONE solution for our problems. All they do is yell about how Bush is a crook.

Well, now who's the crook? According all reports, it is Air America's original board chair, Evan Cohen. These idiots borrowed $875,000 from a group designed to help poor children and Alzheimer's patients and have failed to pay it back. It must be hard to sit on such a high horse while getting paid by money that should be going to help those in need.

Read more at Newsmax.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Over the last week or so, I have become quite tired of hearing people talk about the horrors wrought by the atomic bomb in Horishima and Nagasaki. The underlying implication seems to be that America made a mistake or that we killed thousands of Japanese needlessly. These people have no historical perspective.

First, only 100,000 Japanese were killed during the bombing. I say only 100,000 because in the battle of Okinawa which concluded a month before the bombs were dropped, 200,000 Japanese and 50,000 Americans lost their lives. And that's one battle! In comparison to the bloodletting that the war in the Pacific had already seen (which includes over 10 million Chinese civilians murdered by Japanese forces), 100,000 lives to end the war completely was a cheap cost to pay.

Second, Allied estimates as to the cost to Allied and Japanese lives through a land invasion are in the millions. The Japanese were a proud people who were willing to fight to the death. The A-Bomb was the only solution because it allowed the Japanese to bow out gracefully in front of this overwhelming display of force.

Those that seek to disparage the brave pilots that dropped those bombs 60 years ago or the military leaders that ordered them dropped are either uninformed or are attempting to intentionally hurt the reputation of the United States. I would like to hear ONE television or radio story giving the actual facts on this story.

For more facts, check out these two articles:


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