Sunday, April 23, 2006

Islamic Thinkers Society

I came across this article discussing the activities of the "Islamic Thinkers Society" and was disturbed. I was even more disturbed after viewing their website. This New York based organization is fiercely anti-Western and anti-American. Their site contains links to videos mocking US soldiers in Iraq. At a rally in New York, they had this to say: "The mushroom cloud is on its way! The real holocaust is on its way!"

These statements constitute a terrorist threat against the US. If these people are visitors to our country, they should be thrown out. If they are citizens, they need to be monitored very closely. I have no doubt that this group has ties to organizations that want to hurt and kill Americans. I hope the people of New York make it clear that their presence is not welcome in our country.

Here is a link to their website it you want to read more:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

These clowns are more anti Islaamic than anti any thing else. They're a bunch of ignorant children trying to interpret Islaam based upon their desires. This is why they never amount to anything but hot air. They talk about America being the evil of the world but they eat from the fat of American land afraid to enter into Islaamic countries because they'd be blasted back to the depths of the pits they crawled out of.

Refutations of their idiotic ideologies can be found here: and

12:54 AM  

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