Thursday, October 20, 2005

Affirmative Action Gone Haywire

The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports, whatever that is, released a study examining "the front office, support staff, playing and coaching opportunities for women and minorities in professional football, basketball, baseball and soccer, along with colleges." Not suprisingly, the WNBA won. They hire a lot of WOMEN because they are a WOMEN'S basketball league. Many of the coaches and staff are former WOMEN'S BASKETBALL PLAYERS, just as many NFL coaches are both male and former football players at some level.

Not every job can be done equally by men and women, and this is such a case. A man who has played NFL or college football is inherently better equiped to understand the game and the players. Additionally, football is a very testoterone driven sport. The players would not respond well to a female coach, in my opinion. Read more about this story here.


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