Saturday, October 23, 2004

Bush Advisor Starts Blog

Bush Senior Advisor, Tucker Eskew, has started a blog. Its pretty good. Read it here.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

World Leader Endorses Kerry! Hah!

Kerry is right. After months of proclaiming that world leaders prefer him to President Bush, one has finally come out for Kerry: Yasser Arrafat! That's right, the terrorist Palestinian thinks Kerry would be better for his cause. I'm sure he is right. Read more here.

British Butt In On Our Election

A British newspaper has decided to send pro-Kerry propoganda to American swing voters. This can only help Bush. Here are two reply letters the paper has recieved so far:

"Real Americans aren't interested in your pansy-ass, tea-sipping opinions.
If you want to save the world, begin with you own worthless corner of it,"
wrote one from Texas.

"Hey England, Scotland and Wales, mind your own business. We don't need
weenie-spined Limeys meddling in our presidential election," was one of the
e-mail reactions to the campaign."

Read the article here.

Democrats Trade Crack For Fake Votes

This is digusting. A woman working on behalf of the NAACP was giving crack cocaine to a man in exchange for his help in ongoing voter fraud efforts. And its the Democrats that complain that conservatives steal elections! Read more here.

The Cell Phone Theory

There is a theory circulating around the internet that suggests John Kerry is actually ahead in the election, but that his lead is not being reflected in polls because citizens that use cell phones exclusively are not being polled. Read more here. I personally think this theory is garbage. Exclusive cell phone users are more likely to be young and poor (like me!), and therefore, less likely to vote. I do agree, however, that this demographic is more likely to vote for Kerry (mainly because they let Paris Hilton, Green Day, and the Beastie Boys make most of their political descisions for them).

Pretty Boy Does His Hair

This is awesome! Check out John Edwards doing his hair (for about and hour). And he's holding a compact. What a pretty boy! Check it out here.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Kerry's Hypocracy

Kerry complains about the rich and their tax breaks, but Kerry's own wife, Teresa, took advantage of these breaks to lower her taxes. I personally think that a woman that paid $700,000 in taxes has paid plenty. I simply point it out because Kerry is staying rich off the same policies he whines about. Perhaps he would like to fork over more loot to the government. I'm sure his Dem cronies could find ways to waste it. Read more here.

Putin Back Bush

Russian President Putin overtly stated that the election of John Kerry would, in his mind, increase terrorist activity. He said, the defeat of George W Bush "could lead to the spread of terrorism to other parts of the world." He also sees the increase in terror activity in Iraq as an overt attempt on the part of the terrorists to elect Kerry. Terrorism has hit Russia hard and they are finally coming on board in the effort to combat it. Great article. Read more here.

Krauthammer Article

Here is an excellent article from Charles Krauthammer regarding John Edwards's ridiculous statements about curing paralysis.

Bush Widens Lead in Three More Polls

Check out the latest poll numbers here.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Good Column

Here is a good column from my buddy Zach.

I Hope the Lead Holds

Here is more great polling news from CNN. It shows Bush up by 8% among likely voters.
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