Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Kerry continues to complain

It gets more and more amazing. John Kerry continues to complain about the 527 ads. Max Clealand wants Bush to order the Swift Boat ads off the air. There are two major problems here: First, it would be illegal under the most recent campaign laws for Bush to tamper with any 527 ads. Candidates are not allowed to collude with 527's. Although Kerry doesn't have a case when he asks Bush to remove the ads, he WOULD have a case if Bush actually had them removed because that would take some form of collusion between the Bush campaign and the 527's. Second, Pro-Kerry 527's have spent $60 million in advertising so far without a peep from the Bush camp. How much have pro-Bush 527's spent (including the swifties)? $3 million! That's it. A 20 to 1 ratio and Kerry is whining.

The only reason Kerry is making such a big deal out of this is because the ads are hurting him badly...especially in key battleground states. By continuing to focus on it, Kerry is only keeping the story alive. He hasn't been able to do anything but refute these charges for the last two weeks. I love it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait? Cleland actually asked Bush to order the Swift Boat ads off the air?

I've seen that he wants Bush to _condemn_ them. But please post the link where he actually asks Bush to order them off the air.

I can't believe he actually asked Bush to do something illegal. Please post the link. That's great stuff! Thanks!


11:48 PM  
Blogger John said...

Cleland didn't, but Kerry has been demanding Bush put a stop to the ads. Technically, under the law, Bush is not allowed to interfere with the 527 ads at all. If Bush ordered them taken down, and they were subsequently taken down, Kerry would have a case that Bush was colluding with the 527s. That was my point.

Here's some info from Kerry can legally take down HIS ads because they were paid for by his campaign:

KERRY TO TAKE DOWN McCAIN AD: "We respect John McCain's wishes, and will stop running the ads of him challenging Bush to denounce the attacks on his service. It's long past time that George Bush also take John McCain's advice and do the right thing by putting an end to the smears and lies attacking John Kerry's military service. George Bush needs to say this is wrong, he needs to say it must end," said Kerry spokesperson David Wade.

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"George Bush needs to say this is wrong, he needs to say it must end," said Kerry spokesperson David Wade."

The difference is, he's asking Bush to say that the ads are wrong and to say they must end, publically. He's not asking Bush or anyone in his campaign to call up the Swifties and say, "knock it off." That, I agree, would be illegal, but that's not what Kerry or Cleland is asking him to do.

11:57 AM  
Blogger John said...

Bush has already publicly condemned 527 ads, including that one. Obviously though, Bush wants the ads to keep running because they look like they're hurting Kerry.

How did you find my blog? I've been pleasantly suprised by the number of unique visitors to the site there have been so far.


1:53 PM  
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