Monday, August 23, 2004

Bush Denounces Ads

So Kerry has been whining about the swift boat ads claiming the organization, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, is a "front" for the Bush campaign. Repeatedly, Kerry has asked Bush to denounce ads from the group that criticize Kerry's military service and his ability to lead our country. Today, Bush denounced ads from special interest groups from both sides, including those from the Swift Boat Veterans.

I don't think Kerry was expecting Bush to actually apologize, and now that Bush has, I'm sure Kerry wishes he hadn't asked for an apology from the President. Kerry is currently relying on 157 organizations to provide almost all of his TV advertising so that he can save money for the end of the campaign. Additionally, Kerry is backed by dozens of such organizations that have raised far more money than the Swift Boat Veterans. The Swift Boat Veterans have currently raised about $160,000 for their campaign against Kerry's military record. Pro-Kerry groups, Media Fund, America Coming Together, and have combined to raise almost $60 Million! Does Kerry have to come out and denounce these groups now? It seems only fair.


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