Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Al-Sadr Ready to Negotiate AGAIN

OK, this is getting ridiculous. Every time we're about to capture, or better yet, kill Al-Sadr, he suddenly wants to negotiate. As soon as we back off, he starts up his war machine again. I thought it was official US policy NOT to negotiate with terrorists; and there's not doubt about it, this guy IS a terrorist.

The coalition is stuck between a rock and a hard place here. We can't damage the mosque for fear of hurting local public opinion. At the same time, these guys are using the mosque as fortress (which in my mind nullifies it as a "holy" place, but that's beside the point). I heard a solution to this problem on TV yesterday. We set up a perimeter around the mosque. No one goes in or out. Any plane that flies overhead attempting to bring supplies is shot down. Without food or water these guys have to surrender or die. The mosque is unharmed, and the bad guys are arrested. What do you think?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, that is a tough situation. Why don't we get a few thousand of the millions of Iraqis who are so happy to have been liberated by the U.S. to march to Al-Sadr's mosque and tell him to stop fighting coalition forces. Surely he'd listen if he saw how many people truly love the U.S. presence there?

I think a crowd of 100,000 or so would convince him and his cronies. I'm surprised the coalition hasn't gotten this together.


11:37 PM  

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