Monday, August 23, 2004

More Proof that Raising the Minimum Wage Hurts Employment

Do you believe that raising the minimum wage is good for employment? Then you're obviously not familiar with the concept of supply and demand. A new study offers even more proof of the harmful effects of raising the minimum wage. Not only does it raise unemployment levels overall, it even raises the likelihood of unemployment for those making minimum wage (the very group such raises are supposed to help). An increase in the minimum wage is a key to the Kerry-Edwards platform, and a horrible idea.

Here's the study:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This study comes from a front group for a restaurant industry lobbyist. Although I can't say for sure, I'd say it's more likely that they want to keep the minimum wage low so that they can increase profits, rather than to help the poor...

Keep them coming though, John. I'm really enjoying your blog.


1:20 PM  
Blogger John said...


Thanks for the info and the kind words about the blog. I'll definitely check out the link you posted.



2:10 PM  

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