Saturday, August 27, 2005

Protesting DeLay

The Cindy Sheehan protest is clearly a protest against Conservatism, not against war. Sheehan is now heading 5.5 hours from Crawford to protest Republican Congressman Tom DeLay. I find it to be interesting that she is just protesting against Republicans. 2008 Democratic frontrunner, Hillary Clinton, has been a strong supporter of the war throughout. Not only does she want to continue the war, she wants to increase troop strength in Iraq. Isn't it funny how Sheehan has failed to call her a killer or demanded that she be impeached? Clearly, this is an anti-Conservative movement not an anti-war movement. Read more here.


Anonymous zach said...


Well said. The whole thing is anti-conservative. The thing that is not being mentioned is that her son made a choice to join the marines. Liberals don't understand personal responsibility and choice. If I went over as a photographer it is with the full knowledge that I could die. I would still be willing to go and would not want anyone protesting for me if I died.

7:45 AM  

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