Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Joan Baez

I thought Joan Baez was dead, but apparently she's alive and well and making foolish comments down in Crawford. When talking about the Sheehan protest she says:

"It's exactly like the march in Selma. The Selma paper didn't carry it. They just pretended that it didn't happen. There was just this great wall of denial.]."

Yeah, its exactly like that, except instead of denial, there is massive media coverage. And, instead of protesting to end racial inequality, the folks in Crawford are protesting to bring home our soldiers which would probably lead to chaos, civil war, and thousands of dead Iraqis.

On that note, the Democrats are supposed to be the great humanitarians. Why then, do they want us out of Iraq? If we leave, the violence will escalate and there will be a massive civil war. Thousands, maybe millions, will die. There will be starvation. Why? Because we lost a mere 1,800 lives and had to pull out. Don't you people see that what we are trying to do in Iraq is worth the sacrafice we are making?!? Do you humanitarians care at all about the wellfare of Iraqi civilians?


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