Thursday, December 16, 2004

Government At Its Worst

Here is a terrible story of a Georgia widow who is potentially having her land stolen from her by the state. These politicians should be tossed out of office immediately. From Boortz:

Our story involves Eleanor Brazell. Eleanor is a widow. She owns 323 acres in Hall County. She has a contract to sell 311 of those acres to a developer who has plans for a "Sun City" type retirement community. Eleanor will keep the 12 acres on which she lives in a house built by her now-dead husband.

Our story also involves a Hall County Commissioner named Deborah Lynn. Commissioner Lynn wants Eleanor Brazell's property, all 323 acres of it. Lynn wants the property for a community center, a park and various other little goodies. It's interesting that Lynn says that the county needs the property for a park. A county-appointed citizen's park board says that they don't want that property for a park.

Well .. right now the Hall County commission is fighting like hell to get the condemnation of Brazell's property as fast as possible. They're in a hurry because two of the commissioners who are in favor of the seizure will be leaving office at the end of the month.

Now ... here's the real kicker. The contract with the private developer calls for a price of $8.4 million, and that contract allows Eleanor Brazell to keep the 12 acres on which her home sits. Hall County is only going to pay Eleanor Brazell $6.4 million ... PLUS, they're going to take the 12 acres for her home ... and all of this for a park the citizen's parks board says it doesn't want!

This is theft. No other description. This woman has a contract to sell 311 acres of her land, keep her home, and pocket $8.4 million. Along come the politicians who are telling her "No .. you're not going to keep your home, and you're not going to sell 311 acres for $8.4 million. We're going to force you off your property and out of your home and we're only going to give you $6.4 million. And you have no choice in the matter because we, not you, are allowed to use force to accomplish our goals."

Thieves in suits.

Now I know what a lot of you are saying. Big deal. The woman still walks away with six million bucks. How in the hell do you expect me to feel sorry for a woman with six million dollars? Fine. Try getting beyond your envy here. Hall County is seizing this woman's land for 25% less than its market value. Maybe next week the county will condemn some middle class homeowner's property. The homeowner might have a contract to sell his home for $160,000. Along comes the county with its condemnation privileges and pays the homeowner $120,000 instead. A nifty little 25% discount! Is that OK with you?


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