Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The Government and Baseball

I've heard many conservatives complaining about the threat of government intervention against Major League Baseball due to the steroid controversy. Critics ponder, "What's next?" If the government butts its nose in baseball, why not football or movies? I, too, do not think its an appropriate function of government to regulate a sport. There is one major difference about baseball, however. Baseball is a government sanctioned monopoly. As such, it is illegal for you or I to start up a rival baseball league. This is not the case with Football or Basketball, both of which have seen rival leagues come and go. I think, instead of regulating the steroid issue, the government should step in and take away monopoly status from MLB. This will put the fear of God into the league, and maybe they will clean up there act. If not, things will be governed by the free market and other citizens will be free to set up a league for steroid free athletes.


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