Wednesday, September 22, 2004

What Happened to Cat Stevens?

Rock star Cat Stevens was just taken off an airplane for being on a terror watch list. His name is now Usop Islam and he looks like a Muslim version of the Uni-Bomber. Hmmm, perhaps all those drugs in the 60's have something to do with this. Nah.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, neither drugs nor Islam are responsible for his being yanked off the flight. Cat (or... "Yusef" as he's now known) is a good person who has used his financial earnings to donate to many charitable causes. Unfortunately, many good Muslims are duped into thinking that an Islamic charitable cause are in fact the real deal: to help fellow Muslims. Cat Stevens is on the watch list because he has openly donated to the group Hizbollah (there are several disputed spellings of the group's name). Hizbollah, as you may remember, is responsible for the barracks bombing in Lebanon, resulting in the death of 241 United States Marines (an organization that I currently populate the ranks of). I won't give a history lesson on the atrocities of Hizbollah, but Cat should have been more cautious about the Islamic charitable organizations he donated to before throwing a bunch of money that more than likely (pure speculation on my behalf) bought more weapons for evil individuals interested in nothing more than establishing Islamic theocracy in Lebanon.

5:37 PM  

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