Friday, September 03, 2004

Kerry Misleads a Crowd in Ohio

Kerry made a desperate attempt to salvage the week last night by staging a midnight rally in Ohio. This speech was filled with mistruths. First, Kerry claimed that "For the past week, they attacked my patriotism". Untrue. Without fail, all of the speakers said that Kerry served the country proudly in Vietnam thereby praising his patriotism. What the speakers DID do is question is choices and commitment to national defense. Kerry has repeatedly voted against defense spending and has been against numerous conflicts that I feel were just. Additionally, his wobbly position on the current Iraq war doesn't instill any confidence in my mind. None of these charges assault his patriotism. I have no doubt that Kerry loves this country. These charges do, however, build a legitimate, fact based case that show that Kerry might not be a great war president. Of course, since Kerry can't combat the actual facts with facts of his own, he has to make extreme claims that aren't based around ANY FACTS AT ALL.

Second, Kerry said: "The vice president even called me unfit for office last night." This is a blatant lie. Never does the term "unfit for office" appear in Cheney's speech. Read it, Mr. Kerry, but I promise you will never find a sentence in the speech where Cheney says this.

Finally, Kerry said that Bush allows the Saudi royal family to dictate oil prices to us. This is, for the most part, true. OPEC, the oligopoly that dictates world oil production, is led by Saudi Arabia and does have a lot to do with our price of oil. How is this Bush's fault? The system has been like this for decades, and Bush does not have the power to break up OPEC's cartel. Neither would Kerry if he was president. Additionally, it is not oil production that is the problem. Oil production is at an all time high. Oil DEMAND, primarily from China, has caused prices to rise. This is simple supply and demand economics, Mr. Kerry. They must have taught you that at Yale.

Kerry is in trouble. That much is clear. A TV commentator last night was asked his opinion on Kerry's midnight rally. He said that you can always tell which candidate is in trouble by looking for who is asking for more debates, making extreme statements, and holding unorthodox events. Guess what? Kerry is demanding more debates, making extreme statements, and holding unorthodox events...and he will LOSE THIS ELECTION.


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