Friday, September 03, 2004

Bush's Speech

I thought Bush's speech was fantastic, especially the domestic policy portion. Bush's domestic agenda is in stark contrast to Kerry's. Bush wants to build an "ownership society" where we as citizens own our own homes, health care plans, social security plans and the like. Kerry wants government owned healthcare and government owned social security. Whereas Bush wants to re-educate workers that can no longer compete so that they can secure the jobs of the future, Kerry wants to subsudize the US manufacturing sector so that people can hold on to their jobs in a dying industry for a few more years. If you watched Kerry's speech after the President's address, you saw this stark contrast. Kerry and Edwards think that the government should run your life because you aren't capable. Bush and Cheney think that you should be given the tools to make your own descisions. This is the fundamental difference between the two parties, and this is why I choose Bush/Cheney every time.

I would have liked Bush to discuss what we are going to CUT to afford all this, but cutting programs doesn't get votes. I hope that he plans on cutting at least ONE program this term.


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